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Bringing clarity to the market

City Center


An engineering and product development firm that brings clarity at every stage of the game.

  • A clear purpose for why our products exist 

  • Clear engineering and complete IP packages for seamless IP transfer

  • Clear understanding of the target market through insights and analytics

This translates to reduced risk and time to market for our partners.

We are a product development company that delivers full cycle hardware development, including:

  • Market sizing & opportunity analysis

  • Industrial design

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering

  • Software and firmware development

  • Manufacturing and production readiness

  • Marketing strategy for pricing, communications and targeting

Our mission is to provide invaluable insights and supporting soft IP to accelerate timelines, minimize development costs and maximize margins. As such, we execute a 5-staged validation process to ensure our products are viable, defendable and profitable.



Led by a strategic partnership of technical and marketing experts, with a combined 45 years of engineering, marketing, consulting and business expertise. Technical expertise spans across multiple engineering disciplines – mechanical, electrical, software, systems, industrial and aerospace – with experience delivering large-scale DOD (Department of Defense) production and prototype programs. Marketing and business consulting expertise includes guiding and shaping marketing and product strategy for Fortune 100 companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Citigroup, Home Depot and more.

Our breadth of expertise enables us to adeptly identify market gaps, execute effectively and overcome potential challenges. Our deep experience guiding strategy for the largest global brands means we understand customers, and can deliver clarity at every stage of the process, from engineering design to marketing strategy.



  • Feasibility assessment & opportunity analysis

  • Concept testing

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Firmware development

  • Industrial design

  • Enclosure design

  • Prototyping

  • Manufacturing & production readiness

  • Marketing strategy

  • UX testing


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